Things to do While Visiting Quepos

April 18, 2023
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Come enjoy the fun and the sun 

Things to do While Visiting Quepos

Quepos is a beautiful port town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Located about 165km South of the capital, San Jose. It is the gateway to the amazing national park in Manuel Antonio (only 7km away). Quepos has a tropical monsoon climate with very little rainfall between January-March. While it has heavier rainfall in the remaining months. Average temperatures during the day range from 27-34 degrees Celsius. 

Manuel Antonio National Park


Being a tourism-oriented town Quepos has many bars, restaurants and the luxurious Marina Pez Vela. All are geared toward making your stay here as comfortable and welcoming as possible. While also providing the opportunity to experience Costa Rica and its diverse wildlife and beauty. Make a short trip to the many beaches in Manuel Antonio. Go sport fishing or on a catamaran cruise at the marina. Or experience the wildlife with guided hikes and jungle tours in or near the national park. You should also take the chance to experience the coffee & chocolate tours, ATV excursions, zip lining, the local nightlife, the local market and more!


Keep your things safe from the wildlife in Manuel Antonio

When it comes to transportation to and from Manuel Antonio, plenty of options are available. If youre not renting a car for your stay. Look for the local taxis which are red and should always be available to get you to your destination. If looking for a cheaper option, the bus can also get you to where you need to go, costing less than $1 USD. Some may want a more personal touch. In which case you can book private transport with us to service your needs and get you from the hotel to your destination.


Hotels and hostels are easy to find in Quepos and Manuel Antonio. There will be a range of prices to fulfill your needs. If youre looking for cheaper options a hostel should be your preferred choice. While if youre looking for something a little more comfortable. There are lots of hotels that can accommodate your needs. Staying in Quepos will usually be a little cheaper than in Manuel Antonio. The Best Western Hotel located right in Quepos being one of the best options.

Best Western Kamuk Quepos
Best Western Kamuk Quepos Costa Rica

Staying in Quepos

Other perks of staying in Quepos include having a more local” experience during your time here. Youll find live music in some of the bars at night and sometimes may get to see marching bands and experience the vendors. This usually takes place on the waterfront called the malecón”.

Be sure not to miss out on the local farmers market too. It takes place on Fridays starting in the early afternoon and goes until midnight. It's also open Saturday morning until noon and is located behind the bus terminal. Here you will find many local goods. Some of which are handmade like woodworking souvenirs.

If looking to do your own cooking the fair is also the best spot when buying local fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, cheeses and more.

Sloths hanging out at the Golfito Wildlife Refuge


If youre planning to eat out more and not a fan of cooking you will find a good variety of restaurants and sodas around the area. Some restaurants will have more familiar options. Like burgers, chicken fingers and pasta while sodas will be more traditional. At the sodas, you will find grandmas recipes” that are variations of local cuisine at a cheaper price.

Be sure to try the casados (a typical Costa Rican dish) while here as many places sell them. This is the usual go-to meal for the locals. Sushi can be found as well but more commonly ceviche. Another specialty of the area that shouldnt be passed up on.

All in all, Quepos is a prime destination that is right on the water. Close to a beautiful national park and many beaches. With a world-class marina (Marina Pez Vela). Making it a great spot for anyone's holiday destination. With our expert tour guides, youll be sure to get the most out of the experience and will be given exceptional service during your stay. Dont hesitate and come have a slice of Pura Vida!

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Dolphin Watching in Golfito

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