Manuel Antonio National Park

Things to do in Manuel Antonio and Jacó

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Looking for things to do while in Manuel Antonio and Jacó? Of course, there is an endless list of beautiful beaches, dining options which include every type of cuisine and shopping options around every corner but here we're going to focus on adventures and tours.

We want to get you excited and to start thinking about some of the fun you can have when visiting the Central Pacific region. This by no means includes all offerings in the area so be sure to check out for a full list.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park

The first thing on everyone's list should always be a visit to Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica even if you're staying in Jacó. It is well known for its beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and abundant and diverse wildlife. 

The park is open all year round but closed on Tuesdays to give the precious and pristine wildlife a rest. The best time to visit is during Costa Rica's high season (December to April) but there is never a bad time. During high season, the weather is dry, the sun is shining, and people are always smiling.

You can absolutely visit the park solo, but our experienced and certified guides will ensure that you see and learn a little about the most amazing plants and animals that you never knew existed and are easily missed or overlooked to the untrained eye.

Horseback Riding

Saddle up and book a Horseback Riding trip if you love nature and adventure, then you will love horseback riding through the tropical rainforest. Tucanes Tours offers guided horseback riding tours the jungles near Manuel Antonio. 

This is a great way to experience the breathtaking scenery and wildlife up close as well as spectacular views of the Naranjito river canyon below. The tour lasts about 2 hours and includes a stop at a small waterfall where guests can take a swim and enjoy some fresh organic local fruit.

Horseback riding

Go Zip Lining

Zip-lining is a great way to take in the stunning views of the Costa Rican jungle via an adrenalin filled canopy tour. Tucanes offers tours from both the Jacó area as well as Manuel Antonio that include over 11 different zip-lines ranging in length from 100 to 600 meters.

Add icing to your zip-lining cake by trying out the Tarzan swing! This tour is perfect for adventure seekers of all ages and as always, all adventures booked with Tucanes Tours include round trip transportation to and from your resort, hotel, hostel or home.

Zipline Canopy Tour Los Sueños

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting down the class 4 and 5 "El Chorro" is one of the most thrilling activities that you can enjoy with us. This river is only open during the high season (December to April), so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. Our experienced guides will provide you with all the necessary equipment and instruction, so all you need to worry about is having fun!

El Chorro White Water Rafting Adventure

Organic coffee and chocolate tour

Are you a coffee and chocolate lover looking for an adventure? Or perhaps someone who loves learning about how organic ingredients are grown and processed? Then this tour is perfect for you. 

Our all-in-one tour will take you on a journey of discovery through our organic farm near Manuel Antonio, where we grow organic coffee, cacao and vanilla along side a wide variety of herbs and vegetables.  Along the way, learn more about these amazing ingredients and their use in local dishes. At the end of your visit enjoy a delicious Costa Rican lunch at the ranch – it's sure to be an unforgettable experience!


Kayak Isla Damas Mangroves

Are looking for an adventure for all ages that combines sun, fun, nature, water, education and exploration? Then kayaking through the Isla Damas mangrove estuary in Costa Rica is just what you need! With its picturesque scenery and abundance of wildlife, this experience is sure to be one that will never be forgotten. 

Paddling through its brackish waters (a combination of saltwater and freshwater) provides an amazing opportunity to observe a cornucopia of animals in their native habitats while learning more about their lifestyle and the ecosystem they call home. 

Whether you're a novice or experienced kayaker, kayaking Isla Damas should be on your list of activities when visiting Costa Rica! If kayaking isn't your cup of tea, then we also offer a boat tour as well!

Mangrove trees Isla Damas Mangrove Estuary tour
In conclusion, Manuel Antonio and Jacó offer some of the most exciting activities in Costa Rica. From ziplining through the rainforest to snorkeling in the ocean, you can find an adventure that suits your style. Booking a tour with Tucanes Tours will ensure you get the best experience possible. So why wait? Start planning your adventure of a lifetime today!

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