Discover the Thrills of Golfito & Golfo Dulce with Tucanes Tours

February 1, 2023
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Adventure and Ecotourism at its Finest

Discover the Thrills of Golfito & Golfo Dulce
with Tucanes Tour

Are you an avid adventurer or eco tourist looking for a unique experience in Costa Rica's Southern Pacific Zone? Look no further than Tucanes Tours to be your guide in Golfito! From kayaking through the pristine waters of Golfito Bay to dolphin watching in Golfo Dulce, treks through the Golfito Wildlife Refuge and exploring the mysterious stone spheres which is one of Costa Rica's and history’s greatest mysteries, there is something here for everyone.

Experience all that this incredible area has to offer with Tucanes Tours and read on to learn more!

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Overview of Golfito and Golfo Dulce Costa Rica

Golfito is a small port city located in the southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. It is known for its stunningly clear waters and abundant wildlife on land and sea. The area around Golfito offers visitors an amazing opportunity to explore some of the most unique attractions on the planet, such as the stone spheres which remain one of the greatest mysteries of pre-Columbian Central America. Additionally, it offers some of the best sport fishing in the world!

There is abundant marine life to be found here such as dolphins, whales (during their mating season, December to April and July to November) and sea turtles, which are often spotted by travelers who take advantage of kayaking tours or boat trips out around Golfo Dulce. The beach at Playa Zancudo lies just south of Punta Banco where you can stroll on beautiful white sand beaches and enjoy swimming or snorkeling in crystal clear waters teeming with exotic tropical fish.

Additionally, there are plenty of other outdoor adventures available such as trekking through jungle trails or birdwatching from observation towers which provide breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape. Tucanes Tours offers an unmissable tour of the Golfito Wildlife Refuge as well.

Kayaking in Golfito Bay a.k.a Golfo Dulce

Kayaking in the clean waters of Golfo Dulce

Kayak on the pristine waters of Golfito Bay in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. Explore the coastline, its mangroves, and other vital habitats. Enjoy diverse wildlife viewing opportunities, beach time and an active day in the water with friends and family.

Dolphin Watching in Golfo Dulce

Dolphin Watching in Golfo Dulce and Golfito

Take a journey with Tucanes Tours on the beautiful waters Golfo Dulce and experience close encounters with dolphins, whales (seasonally), turtles, and countless other amazing sea creatures.

The bottlenose dolphins and pantropical spotted dolphins are full time residents in the Golfo Dulce and may be observed any time of year. With so much to see you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable day!

This tour is great for visitors of all ages who want to explore this unique corner of Costa Rica's southern zone.

Yellowin tuna caught in Golfito while sport fishing

Sport Fishing (Inshore and Offshore Deep Sea)

Golfito and Golfo Dulce offer some of the best sport fishing in the world and Tucanes Tours is ready to take you there. Local species include marlin, snapper, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado (mahi mahi), mackerel and many more. Whether youre an avid angler or a complete novice, Tucanes will take you on the fishing trip of your life. 

No need to make up fish storiesanymore when you will have the actual photos to prove it! Inshore or offshore, our experienced captains and guides will take you to the hottest spots in the Golfito area for the ultimate thrill of reeling in a BIG one!

Check out our full article "Discover the Thrill of Sport Fishing in Golfito and Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica" for more details on this world-class fishing experience.

Mystery of the Stone Spheres Tour

Mysterious Stone Spheres of Costa Rica in Golfito

These mysterious spherical stones have been unearthed throughout southern Costa Rica since 1939, but their origin remains unknown even to this day!

Located in Osa, in Costa Rica's southernmost Pacific, Palmar Sur is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country, one of two open to the public. Finca 6 was a multifunctional site for the Diquis indigenous culture, and findings date the site back to two periods: the Aguas Buenas (300-800AC), and the Chiriquí (800-1550AC).

You will be able to view the intriguing stone spheres, and what scholars are able to say about their creation and meaning, as well as what remains one of life's greatest enigmas. You may even be able to uncover some clues that could help unravel this centuries old mystery!

Sloths hanging out at the Golfito Wildlife Refuge

Explore the Golfito Wildlife Refuge

The Golfito Wildlife Refuge boasts a privileged location on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The tour exploring this tropical paradise takes you through two main trails of the refuge, created to protect the area's main watershed. This area of the country houses rich biodiversity, and many species of flora and fauna are exclusively endemic to the region. This tour is perfect for those looking to connect with nature while learning about its inhabitants!

No matter what kind of adventure tourist you are there is something here at Tucanes Tours that fits your needs perfectly! Take advantage today by booking one (or several!) tours before they fill up! See how truly incredible Southern Costa Rica can be when you book tours from Tucanes Tours today.

Benefits of touring Golfito with Tucanes Tours

Dolphin Watching in Golfito

Tucanes Tours is here to help you discover the thrills of Golfito, Golfo Dulce and the entire southern zone. We offer unparalleled knowledge and access to some of the most incredible natural and cultural experiences in Costa Rica.

From kayaking in Golfito Bay to exploring mysterious stone spheres and fishing for the trophy sized sailfish, Tucanes provides a wide variety of activities for adventure seekers.

The knowledgeable guides at Tucanes Tours can help you explore all the wonders that this region has to offer, from discovering archaeological sites featuring ancient petroglyphs carved into rocks predating Spanish colonization, to observing dolphins playing like teenagers in their natural habitat during a kayak tour in Golfo Dulce.

With so many tours available, there is sure to be something that perfectly fits every type of tourists interests and desires! It is also a great way for visitors young and old alike to connect with nature while learning about its inhabitants when visiting the Golfito Wildlife Refuge.

No matter if you're an ecotourist or more interested in chasing wild adventures our guides at Tucanes can make your dreams become your reality.

See how truly incredible Southern Costa Rica can be when you book tours from Tucanes Tours today – it will be an experience unlike any other where memories are guaranteed to last forever!