Rainbow after a rainy day in Manuel Antonio

What to do on a rainy day in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

We are all too often asked "what do people do when it rains in Manuel Antonio?" to which the honest reply is 'anything you want' but that's not necessarily the answer people are looking for so we thought we could share a list of the top 5 things to do in Manuel Antonio when it's raining.

Theres a reason why Costa Rica is such a lush evergreen destination. It rains during our "Green Season" which is May through November. Some days it's only a little bit but there are days when the lluvia (Spanish word for rain) is comparable to that scene in Forrest Gump.  

What to do in Manuel Antonio when it rains Forrest Gump meme

When youre in a tropical destination replete with rainforests, embracing and appreciating the showers comes with the territory. That is to say that everything carries on normally and odds are that you were going to get wet anyway on whatever adventure you had planned so just lean in and embrace it... you're going to have even more fun!

Without further ado, here are the TOP 5 things to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica on a rainy day:

ATV Tour

What's better than an ATV tour, an ATV tour in the rain of course! You know you're getting muddy anyway, and it only enhances the adventure and adrenaline factor. Additionally, rivers and waterfalls can even be more attractive under a light drizzle, a rewarding dip to conclude the experience!

ATV tour

Whitewater Rafting

Don't put rafting on hold because of the rain! Rain only adds to the adventure, and when you dip into the river after your trip the water will feel nice and warm! However, too much rain could be an issue so Tucanes Tours will ensure it is safe to go out on the water and will always be watching for lightning or flash floods.

Family Rafting Rio Savegre Whitewater

Enjoy local gastronomy - Foodies

Try the patacones (friend green plantains) topped with tasty beans and chase them with any of the local beers. How about a ceviche made from freshly caught seabass or dorado (Mahi Mahi)? If you feel like something heartier, Tucanes Restaurant offers the best BBQ in the area, check out their offerings.

Tucanes Restaurant local gastronomy on a rainy day in Manuel Antonio

Chillax at your hotel a.k.a. Spa Day!

Relaxing at your hotel, reading, or enjoying board games is always an option. How about getting a jump on editing your vacation photos so far? Does the hotel offer spa services? Book a massage or a scrub to pamper yourself. Pop into a yoga class for an extra shot of wellness during your holiday.

Spa day perfect for rainy days

You can always get wetter!

If its light rain without thunder or lighting, getting wet at the beach and rainforest is part of the fun you are bound to experience anyway. Enjoy the pool or hot tub at the hotel, take a walk on the beach, or even hit the hiking trail where trees will protect you.

Keep in mind that there is good chance there will be a rainbow peeking out of the clouds so have your cameras ready and remember to smile while you're singing in the rain!

Rainbow after a rainy day in Manuel Antonio