Group Experiences

Tucanes Tours offers many experiences customized and catered to groups of 10 to 50 people!

A few examples are:

Organic Farm Experience at Rancho Rio Naranjo

Organic farm and local flavor tour

Great for large groups, visit Rancho Rio Naranjo organic farm in Londres, about 30 minutes from the town of Quepos.

Here you will spend the morning visiting horse stables and other animal enclosures, touring our organic farm, learning about local flora and fauna and ending with folk dancing and a sampling of traditional Costa Rican food.

This fun group activity allows for families and friends to see how a Costa Rican farm is run. Our friendly animals include rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens, donkeys, horses, cows and even ponies.

During the stroll through our organic garden you will see fruit and vegetables and herbs, many of which will make an appearance in the menu a bit later in the day.

Help offset your carbon footprint and plant a tree during your visit, aiding in the constant reforestation efforts in our area.

The activity, which takes about 4 hours to complete, ends with a joyful example of Costa Rican traditional dances. This is accompanied by a tasty selection of culinary delights, handmade tortillas, “picadillos”, which are minced vegetables accompanied by meat and spices, and grilled meat.

Enjoy your treats with a relaxing view of the Naranjito River, which meanders through the property, adding to the delightful experience, combining nature with cultural exchanges in a relaxed atmosphere fit for guests of any age.

Tour Includes:

Costa Rican food tasting, folk dancing, hiking on the farm, reforestation,
organic garden and a visit with our farm animals.

  • Groups – Minimum 10 People / Maximum 50 People.
  • Rack $65PP Without Transportation.
  • Rack $75 PP. Round trip transportation included from Manuel Antonio.
  • Valid until Nov 30, 2021.

Petting Zoo organic farm gallery

Whitewater Rafting
Rio Naranjo

Group whitewater rafting Rio Naranjo
We can list a few other things that are great for EDUCATIONAL or TEAM BUILDING or LARGE FAMILIES ect

Isla Damas Mangrove Boat Trip

Damas Island Mangrove Tour Boat
We can list a few other things that are great for EDUCATIONAL or TEAM BUILDING or LARGE FAMILIES ect